EffiCell – Recharging-with-highest-efficiency

The most efficient rechargable battery cell for air space

Swiss batteries’ Efficell made of lithium-organic and lithium-inorganic high quality standard ceramic solid-sate materials, high efficiencies, homogeneous layers – the rechargeable battery of Swiss Battery are fabricated in one of the most up-to-date pilot production plants worldwide. Our products meet the highest demands of air space applications. > Increased performance by improved interfacial engineering and nano-composite technology. > Each cell individually is tested. > Uniform impedance characteristics due to robotic fabrication, automatized solution-processed coating and sorting into three predefined power categories. > The impedance of battery is specified by limiting samples. > The cells are packed in custom-made battery modules containing up to 38 cells which are combined to the custom-made battery-pack.

Swiss Battery has developed  green batteries based on the solid-state technology. According to Swiss Battery the energy density is above 400 Wh/kg and the energy-consumption for the synthesis is low. Three Universities and 2 large Networks are now a partner with Swiss Battery.